Looking for the Best Romantic Comedy Movie During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Los Angeles, CA, Release: August 4th, 2020. For Immediate Release.

Chiaramonte Films, Inc. is releasing their latest film, “Adam’s Package,” later this year in 2020. This paranormal comedy dives into much more than just romance and humor; audiences can anticipate to uncover a twist of murder mystery intermingled with sci fi and supernatural. Up-and-coming actor and internationally well known male model, Andrew Rogers, stars with fellow actress and gorgeous model Serena Hendrix.

Andrew Rogers plays Adam, a well-known male model recognized for his physical attributes, who’s under house arrest in his Venice Beach, California townhouse for a crime he did not commit. Adam figures out he’s not alone in his home and is living with read more a frequently harassing unwelcomed housemate opera-singing ghost known as Lulu, played by Shay Denison, who steers him to a ‘package’ covertly concealed under his house. It's only a matter of time before rowdy government agents start to ascertain what Adam’s withholding.

“Adams Package is one of the most unique and refreshingly different films in recent memory. A laugh-out-loud comedy for the 2020’s”

Adam’s Package was produced by Chiaramonte Films, Inc. and was written and directed by Andrew Chiaramonte and co-written by Emmett Alston. The film also stars: Rashida Diva Shabazz, Frank Rubio, Tim Mollen, Allana Matheis, Tom Kocher, Jessica Weiner, Colleen Hart, Ramel El, Giovanni Navarro, Zoquera Milburn, Amy Newman, Anthony Di Carlo, Aion Boyd, David Meza.

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